Matt Shaw - Creator of DG FX for Forex Traders

Matt Shaw — Creator

Matt Shaw has developed the Dragon Grids purely to take out all of the noise of the currency markets.

By co-developing the Dragon8fx grid software, alongside VCI Group, he has taken away the urgency to trade and allow people to follow a simple, yet effective way of trading day to day momentum breakouts on the major currency pairs.

Since leaving full-time education over 14 years ago, Matt has managed to refrain from the 9-5.00pm way of life. He has run several businesses and now endeavours to help others achieve success in trading the Fx markets and providing the platform for which they can be helped to achieve that one goal – that is leaving the rat race behind.

Matt’s hobbies include alternative medicine, plant based nutrition, playing Guitar and climbing. Matt was also regularly a guest columnist for the Investors Chronicle from 2009-2013.

Since settling back in Wales full-time in the last 12 months, Matt has also set about raising money for his favourite charity ‘Ty Hafan’ through various gruelling, yet ‘fun’, expeditions.