DG FX Software Grid
The Dragon Training course is now ready for download.

To have your own personal download of this software is a big deal, so I have gone to big lengths to make sure there is nothing contradictory on the grids compared to their counterpart, candlestick charts.

The software is unique and needs to be respected. If you follow the PowerPoint course, we mainly concentrate on one ‘momentum’ signal. To get a good grasp of this signal, you probably need to place the one MAJOR (1-min momentum) signal around 40-50 times at first on a demo account.

Then if you are comfortable and think you could cope with real trading (with the risk accepted and a good ratio of profitable trades from the demo trading account) with very small percentages of your own personal trading account being traded, you can then go ahead on your own terms trading the FX market for real.

This course is NOT a sure way to make thousands or even millions. It cannot put your account on auto-pilot and you will need to use initiative. So a little bit of work is involved if you are prepared for it.

Am I actually trying to sell this course?

The answer is yes, but I do not want to sell it to potential ‘Yes’ people who think they can trade this on a whim, or better yet trade something 5-10 times per day and maybe get rich quick.

Some days you may not even see a signal from the software; however on average you are able to see around 1-3 opportunities every day on each pair in most 24-hour periods. You have 5 pairs to learn and assess (that I specify to concentrate on) as they mostly work in unison, or in absolute contrast – which is just as good when looking to spot a counter trend.

Given that you may assess the grids on average 30-90 mins per day, you could maybe spot 1-2 signals on ALL 5 pairs.

If you place 1 trade and make your target an average of 10 pips per day – that is all you need to do.

I do not want anyone purchasing this course to feel the need to trade AFTER they have made their 10 pips for the day. It will be VERY difficult to resist the urge some days, especially when there is high volume and there seems to be a lot of activity.

That is when you DO NOT want to be trading, when signals are coming at you from all angles; but that is the market – it’s like a giant casino sometimes!

So the opportunity to trade will always seem so easy to come by.

Check out what you get with this course below.

Then run through the checklist of what is expected from you, in order to make it a success!

What You Will Receive:

  • Full DGFx PowerPoint (Strategy, trading notes and general rules of Fx)
  • Exclusive Private Download License of the DGFx Grids (Your own username and password)

What YOU Need To Do:

  • Read the PowerPoint At Least Twice
  • Download the Software and Set Up the 5 Recommended Grids (you will be sent video tutorial)

One Final Thing!

Do not forget to put the 1-min Momentum signal into practice many times virtually at first. Then when appropriate, gradually introduce VERY small real account trades. Revise the signal until you can spot the signal setup a mile off, with each time you see them develop, the move breaks out at least 15-25 pips. This will give you ample opportunity to bank up to 8-10 pips for each successful breakout moves on the specified FX pair.

Click this link: DGFX Training Course to get started!

You know what to expect, so no hidden surprises.

After you have purchased the course and is confirmed, you will receive a personal welcome note from myself within 24 hours. That will also contain your PowerPoint training download file.

For the software/grids download, you will receive that within 48-72 hours after sign-up! That takes an extra day or so to prepare, so don’t worry if you do not get that immediately – It will be coming to you!

Good Luck!