As an inexperienced trader I was somewhat hesitant to join Matt with his DragonFX software and MT4 Strategy. However, within a short space of time and with Matt’s intensive input, my confidence grew quickly to the point where I was making my own trade decisions to great effect. He has been an inspirational mentor, leading by example, with a wealth of experience and most importantly, helping me make a profit which is the best motivator of all.

Glen AikenBelfast

When I first started trading Forex, I did Ok, but I kept giving back a lot of my profit.

But without any solid foundation to my day to day trading I lost a lot of my profit.

I had no clear direction with standard charts, but since Matt introduced me to Dragon FX Grids, I have not looked back.  I made over 75% in 3 months trading from the methods produced by the grids.  What makes it better is that I can view 4 separate timeframe charts inside one grid.  Now Matt has added a 5th timeframe (4 hour) this completes the grids.

Having the 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 60 min and 240 min (4 hour) in one picture and knowing within 5 seconds (from all 5 timeframes) if there is a trade activated has made ALL the difference.  I thoroughly recommend this to any type of trader!   I did so well that Matt even offered me a job at his headquarters in Cardiff Bay, South Wales.  I am very pleased… life is great!

T EvansKnighton, Mid-Wales

 The simplicity of these grids is second to none.  Before DGFX, I was constantly switching charts to view separate pairs and timeframes!  Now, I can see SIX different currency pairs over 5 timeframes on ONE screen.  Going back to original candlestick charts would now not work.  On average , I am making 10-20 pips per day and that is enough for me.

John MountStroud, Gloucester

I was reluctant to try out DGFX to begin with, as it looked absolutely alien to me.

After 1 or 2 sessions I now find it works amazingly, and with Matt’s help on the trader room every day I now find that I am calling out potential opportunities before they arise.  I begin to see the setup for myself gathering momentum then before you can say ‘bob’s your uncle’, it becomes a full trade that everyone places in the trader room.

I have now saved enough of my profits to take on the Full training in Cardiff with Matt and the team.  So here’s to the next level…

Elliot ClarkeSt.Albans, Hampshire

The dragon grids system is intimidating at first but the lanes and triangles made sense after the training.  I believe that the live fibonacci levels, moving averages and band shades make the grids a vital trading tool.

Dr. Dhamarai VenkatLondon, England

I had been dabbling with forex, trading on and off for a few years. Always thinking I knew what I was doing; but naturally I wasn’t gaining any momentum. I wasn’t down big time, but neither was I making consistent profit. But you could say that overall I was losing, because time was passing and my pot was stagnant. That is probably the case for many others out here!

However, I have to say since joining Matt’s service, I very much enjoy logging on in the morning and listening to Matt and the other members and most importantly taking in all the knowledge -and guess what? I am making money at last. I don’t have a big pot, but hopefully I will at the end of the year thanks to Matt.

Russell BurtonHash Vale, Hants